Aluminium Build  COMPANY PROFILE

Boflo cc, trading as Aluminium Build, started off as the Stikland branch of the Aluminium Build franchise group in March 1998. From 2002 it has been operating as an entity on its own after the franchise group disbanded.

Aluminium Build specializes in purpose made aluminium windows and doors for mainly the upper class house market, though we also cater for any other needs. Our staff is well trained and most have been with the company for a number of years. The key personnel in Aluminium Build all have more than 15 years experience in the aluminium industry.

Until now the business, owned by F.J. Brand, has grown mainly by word of mouth, since no in-depth marketing was done. A solid base of clients has been built up over the past eight years, mainly because a high standard of quality and service has been maintained. Mr Brand keeps a tight reign on all aspects of the business, which includes keeping close watch over clients' orders and installations.

The business is managed on solid values and principals, and a high value is placed on good, honest relationships with our clients. Most of our clients, which include well known architects and builders, have been dealing with Aluminium Build for several years and can be contacted for referral purposes on request.


 Aluminium Build - where quality is the ONLY impression.

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